A Melancholy Gold

Share A Melancholy Gold By Vernie Lynn DeMille   The wind is in the grass now, Gentle fingers prodding At leaves that will not rise,   Pressing them to dance Just one more waltz Along the av... Read More

Last Mom Limping

"I had no idea how emotional existing in that “moment” would be. Everything I am was right there with me in that space.  I was wrapped up in wondering whether or not I could keep going, if I coul... Read More

The Gift of Grief

Share I have been expecting a call to tell me of my Dad’s death for several years. The powerful, larger than life man who could swing me around in his arms when I was a child has given way to the fr... Read More


ShareAnthill by Vernie Lynn DeMille   Shin height Your pyramid stands As I stride like a giant Amid the dry grass Of a side meadow.   Red and black I watch you scatter Across the field floor... Read More

Better Times

It's good to remember, when the "right now" looks impossible or insurmountable, that there have been better days and there will be better days, and I will get through them and still have these snapsho... Read More

The War to End All Wars

I will do my part to defend the freedom I treasure because I know it is not enough to simply remember; I must act, I must do, I must serve so that the terrible price that you paid is not lost to negle... Read More

Pillar of Salt

All things break. It is the law of the earth that the grandest mountains eventually come to dust and the sweetest of dreams-come-true make their way to memories. It is the law of Heaven that we ... Read More

The Price of Peace

Share   I think this is probably one of the most concise speeches on what peace requires ever given. Peaceful does not mean weak, well-defended does not mean violent. Freedom absolutely DOES come at ... Read More

Vanishing Point

"...I close my eyes at journey’s end, and sit beneath the shade. The heat of travel flows from my fingertips and toes to the soil beneath me, The earth returns a cool stillness in trade. I open m... Read More

To Labor and To Wait

"I can tell you beyond any doubt that God hears our prayers and He answers them. He doesn't take away our troubles, but He gives us joy in the midst of them. He doesn't make us comfortable, but He g... Read More

Mother’s Day 2014

Share  I have been pondering on Mother’s Day all week.  I have been doing some reading on various blog posts, news sites, and Facebook profiles where men and women alike have bemoaned the holi... Read More

Little Things

Share  I love little things.   My little girl is one of my sweetest friends.   My little boy is the apple of my eye.   My not so little boy brings me little flowers on a regular ba... Read More