Scott-Little Things lead to Big Things


I love little things.


My little girl is one of my sweetest friends.


My little boy is the apple of my eye.


My not so little boy brings me little flowers on a regular basis.  Some girl will be very lucky some day, he’s got a good handle on romance.


My not little at all, but forever my first baby boy will quietly come up to me and lay his head on my shoulder, sometimes 10 times a day, and ask for a hug.  He’s a hugger and has been my buddy since he was born.


I love little moments in my day that remind me of how much I love my children.


I love little tender touches from my husband; a kiss on my cheek in the middle of the day, a touch on my shoulder when he is passing by, a smile and a wave when he’s too far away to touch.  Little reminders that say “I love you.  I’m so glad you’re mine.”


I want to do big, important things with my life.


I want to write words that inspire someone, anyone, to have hope in Christ, to believe that they are precious, to find strength to just get through the day.

I want to publish a book that sells over a million copies.

I want to travel to distant lands and visit with people who farm the soil of their homeland.  I want to see the world from their vantage point and learn to love a home and people that are not mine.

I want to eat fruits and vegetables that I have never heard of.

I want to hunt buffalo in the Henry Mountains with my family.

I want to live to the age of a tree…a really, really old tree.

I want to walk the tombs of my ancestors in Scotland, Ireland, and England and see the land where they lived and died.

I want to live so full of love that my family will remember me with joy long after I am laid in a tomb of my own.


Sometimes those big wants seem far away.  Occasionally I think I might never do some of those things but I chose to believe that I will.


Each day I get a little closer.  Those wants and wishes are moving towards me as swiftly as I am moving towards them, but only so long as I keep moving.


One little step at a time.


With little hands in mine, big dreams in our heads, and boundless love in our hearts, our family keeps going.


And every time I experience one of those “little” moments of joy with my posterity, I realize those really are the biggest things of all.








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