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Today is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

My book, Walking My Father’s Fields: Love Letters from a Daughter of the Land, is available for pre-order today and will be delivered to your device of choice next Wednesday.

When I was 8 years old I lived in Lakehead, California at the Northernmost edge of Lake Shasta.  I remember sitting on the rug in Mrs. Rouse’s 3rd grade class during reading time, listening as she read aloud Robert Frost’s poem “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening”.

I was completely enthralled.

As she read the last quatrain:

“The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”

I could actually hear the impatience of the horse, really feel the cold on my cheeks, and something reached into my heart and I understood that longing to stay in the beauty and the stillness.

I changed me.

I knew when I went home that day that I wanted to be a writer.  I knew that I wanted to be the one who wove the magic into the words and reached into another person’s heart to touch it with emotion.

The following year, in Mrs. Gasik’s 4th grade class, I finally started putting my well-used number .02 pencil to good use.  She invited us to not only read books but to write them as well.  To dream big dreams, use our imagination, and capture it all on paper.  When my family left Lakehead, to go on the extended trip around the United States of America that inspired this book, she was the one who gave me a map, a pointer, and the courage to stand up in front of the class and tell stories about where we’d been and what we’d seen when we finally made it home.

It’s been many, many years since 4th grade.  I have written often since then, but this is the first work I’ve published.  It is a thrill that goes beyond words for me.  The printed version of the book will be available in another week or so, as soon as the final touches on the cover are finished, but I am just too excited to not go forward with the Kindle version as soon as possible.  It is available for pre-order today and will be delivered next Wednesday to your Kindle or Kindle app on any digital device.

Here are some of the reviews so far for Walking My Father’s Fields: Love Letters from a Daughter of the Land.


“Walking My Father’s Fields had me in tears more times than any book I can remember reading. Beautifully written, Vernie DeMille’s book opens up her heart and her family, plumbing the depths of nostalgia and relational reality. This little tome will make you stop and smell the roses. We all need that from time to time Thank you, Vernie, for this treasure. Everyone should read it.”

-Joel Salatin, American farmer and author, PolyFace Farm, Swope, VA


“Vernie, I am reading your book. It is beautiful!! I have not cried so much while reading a book since I read ‘When the Legends Die’ by Hal Borland in the 7th grade. I am only about half way through, but I had to take a break because my eyes were burning. Thank you     for sharing your wonderful memories and the lessons learned from your family.”

-Hillary Miller Downey, American Mom and Educator


“This is phenomenal. Easy reading is hard writing, and this is easy reading. It flows, it’s vivid, it’s heartfelt.”

-Stephen Palmer, author of “Uncommon Sense” co-founder of The Center for Social Leadership


“Walking My Father’s Fields is truly a most delightful way to spend a few precious hours. It is a portrait of Americana, everything that feels good and wonderful about our heritage. Vernie DeMille puts to pen what Norman Rockwell put on canvas. It is a reminder of everything that is good, wholesome and heartwarming. Thank you Vernie for a most pleasurable experience!”

Laura Bledsoe, American Farmer and food freedom activist

Pre-Order here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YSW72PM




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