Grave at the Quiet Bend
(For Grandma Kathy)

By Vernie Lynn DeMille

The fingers of shadow lengthen
Along the quiet bend
Of the road that runs from East to West
Beside the grave of a friend.

Gone are the crowds new to mourning,
Time has moved winter along;
The cold of the snow and of sorrow
Have fled with buds and birdsong.

The fields are tilled beside where you sleep,
The gold earth given way to dark brown.
Faith in a hopeful harvest
Lies buried in furrowed ground.

You would approve of this garden,
Where seeds grown of love lie still.
Where grieving hands placed in the soil
Their hopes, dreams, and wishes until-

A change in the seasons announces
That the Gardener is coming to tend
The seed that has grown, now immortal,
From that grave at the quiet bend.

2 thoughts on “Grave at the Quiet Bend

  1. This is absolutely amazing. I Honestly didn’t know i needed to read this untill i did. Thank you Vernie.

  2. Thank you, Travis, I felt very similar writing it. The title has been in my heart since I attended Grandma Kathy’s funeral last November and then my dad’s in December. I had it written on a blank page and kept flipping back to it once in awhile. Then yesterday the words were just there in my heart and mind. I think the sorrow in my heart at those deaths needed the joy of Easter morning, and all the hope it represents, to answer it.

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