Vernie Lynn DeMille~

Wife, Mother

Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend

Business Owner, Milk Maid, Farmer, Graphic Artist, Quote Junkie, Student, Educator, Speaker, Servant, Leader

Seer, Feeler, Photographer, Sculptor

Reader, Thinker


I am a woman of faith and hope.  I am an American farmer.  I am passionate about the pursuit of beauty in simple things: finding it, creating it, remembering it, and sharing it.  I am a believer in joy: that it is a method of travel and not a destination.  I am the sum of my efforts and not my failures.  I believe that every season has a purpose and that we have a job to do within it.  I believe that living my life on purpose means that I must look with the intent to really see, listen with the goal of really hearing, and speak with the desire to serve, comfort, and encourage.

I am a work of art…in progress.