Walking My Father’s Fields

Love Letters from a Daughter of the Land



Walking My Father’s Fields tells the story of America from the eyes of a farmer’s daughter. From running in the fields of her family’s heirloom apple orchard in California to driving the tree spanned byways of New England, Vernie DeMille shares the memories and tales of one family’s choice to live a simpler life. Rich in emotion and beauty, each story invites the reader further into the heart and home of a family that left convention behind to go in search of an inspirational education, to walk the paths and fields of their ancestors, and to find the place they could finally call “home”. Within these pages the author defines 26 principles that she learned while traveling the back roads of America and farming the rich fields of the Heartland. This is the story of what you can find for yourself -and for those that come after you- when you pursue the American Dream. This is the story of what it means to be an American.

Joel Salatin, American author and farmer, had this to say of “Walking My Father’s Fields”: “Walking My Father’s Fields had me in tears more times than any book I can remember reading. Beautifully written, Vernie DeMille’s book opens up her heart and her family, plumbing the depths of nostalgia and relational reality. This little tome will make you stop and smell the roses. We all need that from time to time Thank you, Vernie, for this treasure. Everyone should read it.”

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