ShareAnthill by Vernie Lynn DeMille   Shin height Your pyramid stands As I stride like a giant Amid the dry grass Of a side meadow.   Red and black I watch you scatter Across the field floor... Read More

Better Times

It's good to remember, when the "right now" looks impossible or insurmountable, that there have been better days and there will be better days, and I will get through them and still have these snapsho... Read More

Pillar of Salt

All things break. It is the law of the earth that the grandest mountains eventually come to dust and the sweetest of dreams-come-true make their way to memories. It is the law of Heaven that we ... Read More

The Price of Peace

Share   I think this is probably one of the most concise speeches on what peace requires ever given. Peaceful does not mean weak, well-defended does not mean violent. Freedom absolutely DOES come at ... Read More